Henderson Land

A brand-new smart Grade-A commercial building, shall have an innovative way to present.

This is a tailor-made iPad application for The Henderson, which uses object recognition technology to present an all-round view of the building with day and night scenery. Showing details of the distribution of facilities, the landscape of each floor, the office design and the road information. You can experience the sense of space of the office in 360 degrees.


這是一個為The Henderson度身訂制的iPad應用程式,透過立體辨識技術,全方位呈現大廈日夜運作中的景像。由設施分佈、各樓層景觀、辦工室設計及周邊道路資訊都鉅細靡遺,更可360度體驗辦工室的空間感。